Wind and Solar Generate More Energy Than Nuclear Power

With the global energy crisis which has Europe on the ropes with record power prices decimating Germany there is a revival of nuclear energy chatter. Nuclear generation increased over 4% in 2001, the biggest increase since 2004 with Chinese fleet additions the driver.  In 2020, all renewable power generation surpassed all nuclear generation. In 2021, wind and solar surpassed 10% of global generation by themselves overtaking overtook nuclear in annual generation.

Since 1985 renewable power (wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and small hydropower) has grown from 0.8% of the world’s electricity mix to 13%. Renewables have added 0.8% of market share on average annually since 2010.

BP Plc since the 1960s shares an annual Statistical Review of World Energy. It provides valuable data on energy production, consumption, power generation and trade flows.

Source: Statistical Review of World Energy Bloomberg

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