KnovaWave is designed to take the trader or investor into the realms of technical analysis from the most basic strategy to the most advanced. KnovaWave educates in a manner that allows technical analysis to be implemented in a real trading environment. KnovaWave is the home of the 80/20 rule, recognized by many as the most powerful trading method for active markets. We focus heavily on each trader developing a solid grounding in the fields that best suit the trader’s objectives and personality. It may be from understanding patterns to understanding the work of W.D. Gann or Ralph Elliott. Importantly we offer capsules to suit the trader/investors interest and to blend in with other components of your trading plan.

As with all the components within the KnovaMind Global vision KnovaWave is constantly updated and fine tuned to offer you, the trader and investor the very best technical analysis services available.

KnovaWave method has been developed over years of experience that has involved many years of trading and studying, learning what works and what doesn’t-sometimes the hard way so to speak! We have identified ten key components of our methodology, all are covered throughout our educational curriculum and have professional coaching and mentoring services available to allow traders and investors to master each concept. Click on the KnovaWave”surfer” to find out about KnovaWave Methodolgy. These components are:

  1. Pivot analysis and market psychology around inflexion points.
  2. Pattern recognition reading the probability of future price action.
  3. KnovaWave Gann method in evaluating time and price and market cycles.
  4. Median lines using Andrews/Babson techniques and KnovaWave Medians.
  5. Fibonacci Techniques sing mathematical repetition and prediction.
  6. Elliott Wave Analysis in determining our medium term view and for intraday analysis of inflexion waves.
  7. Murrey Math or Trading Range retracement and for evaluating turning points or reversal days.
  8. Bifurcation to recognize the market possibilities and opportunities.
  9. KnovaWave Reversal Methodology to recognize and profit from change.
  10. 80/20 Putting it together – having a truly profitable and disciplined trading plan.

Inherent in the development of the KnovaWave Trading Methodology is the recognition that there is no one right way to trade. Success is dependent upon the market conditions at the time of entry and the individual?s personality and profile and reactions to such vagaries as crowd behavior and liquidity. Through both KnovaWave and KnovaMarkets we believe strongly in the risk management ideals of optimal f and the risk to ruin formulae. Indeed in the Advance Trading Room, all positions are looked upon in the strictest Risk/Reward setting and as such all trades begin as a scalp trade and as risk tempers we move to a day trade, to a swing trade, to a position trade. We also qualify the best instrument, equity, option, or future to take advantage of the move with the correct ratio. In the Equity Focus Trading Room, we focus more on the Swing potential of each trade using the equity market as our main source of opportunity. As such we have developed proprietary indicators and utilize specific trend indicators such as Williams R%, NR7, TT and MACD in our technical work that enhance our trading day.

There are many virtues of being a successful trader they include being;

  1. Disciplined
  2. Aware
  3. Impassioned
  4. Humble
  5. Open minded
  6. Risk Aware
  7. Emboldened