May US Non Farm Payrolls +223K With Higher Wages and 3.8% Unemployment

U.S. May non farm payrolls were higher at 223,000 then the expected 190,000, following April when NFP added only 164,000 jobs. We are still digesting the robust February gain of 313,0000 jobs, the most since July 2016. Fed rates have doubt after hourly earnings.

With Most Jobs Added Since July 2016 What Is The Fed Looking For In The Jobs Report

February non farm payrolls added 313,000 jobs, the most since July 2016, what will the Fed be looking for in February’s Employment report? Hourly earnings came in lower taking pressure off inflation but what of other risks?

What to Expect From US Jobs, Earnings and Unemployment After Tax Reform

U.S. Stock Markets are at all time highs, tax reform has seen companies issue bonuses and pay rises.  January’s Employment report comes with high expectations. After Yellen’s last FOMC hourly earnings are the number that should dictate interest rates.