Corn Avoids Commodity Selloff After Strong USDA Export Data

Commodities sold off across the board after the new Covid variant Omicron caused fear and uncertainty in Friday’s shortened session. Corn prices were in the red most of the day but turned green after better-than-expected export data from USDA took hold. Corn’s late-session rally helped prices jump more than 1% higher by the close, December futures added 6.5 cents to $5.8625, with March futures up 6.25 cents to $5.9175. Preliminary volume estimates were for 296,804 contracts, falling well below Wednesday’s … Continue reading “Corn Avoids Commodity Selloff After Strong USDA Export Data”

South African Rand and Bonds Roiled By New Covid Variant Omicron

The new Covid-19 Variant WHO has named Omicron wrecked world markets Friday with South African markets understandably the epicenter. Early PCR test results showed that 90% of 1,100 new cases reported Wednesday in the South African province that includes Johannesburg were caused by the new variant. Many countries have closed their borders to South Africa as a result. Financial Markets Rocked by Omicron The South African rand this week sank 3.4%, increasing 2021 losses to 9.8%. South African 10-year yields … Continue reading “South African Rand and Bonds Roiled By New Covid Variant Omicron”

South Africa Raises Interest Rates Despite Lowering Growth and Inflation Forecasts

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) increased its benchmark interest rate for the first time in over two years seeking to get ahead of what it sees as elevated inflation risks. The decision was split and comes depite cutting GDP and infaltion estimates.

The Fragile Five Emerging Markets Contagion Risk

The emerging markets known as the ‘fragile five’; Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Turkey have shown that contagion is unavoidable when you are a high interest-rate economy with a trade deficit dependant on foreign capital to balance its books.