UK Gas Prices Jump 10% After Germany Suspends Nord Stream 2 Certification

Natural gas futures surged in Europe after Germany’s energy regulator temporarily suspended certification of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The move followed the Swiss-based project creating a German subsidiary to own and operate the German section of the pipeline. The Bundesnetzagentur said Nord Stream 2, which was set to begin operations this year, failed to organize an operator recognized under German law, sending gas prices higher. “The subsidiary itself must meet the requirements of the Energy Industry Act for an … Continue reading “UK Gas Prices Jump 10% After Germany Suspends Nord Stream 2 Certification”

India Buys Russian S-400 Surface to Air Missiles Ignoring US

India has begun receiving Russian S-400 Triumf missile systems ignoring the threat of what many see as an impotent US. with sanction threats. India sees them as a boost to New Delhi’s air defense capabilities with the threats along the borders with China and Pakistan. Significantly the delivery is happening ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to India for an annual summit with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi next month. Source: NikkeiAsia From The TradersCommunity News Desk

Russian Arms Manufacturer Almaz-Antey New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

The Russian government-backed arms manufacturer Almaz-Antey has announced that it is working on a new hydrogen fuel cell passenger car,known as E-NEVA. The hybrid car will be for civilian use. Hydrogen provides more mileage and lower CO2 emissions than electric cars

Europe Energy Crisis Years in the Making With Reactionary Environmental policy

What comes to mind with the current European energy crisis is the unexpected consequences of decision making without thought of possible headwinds. The current crisis has been borne out of what could best be described as ignorant energy and environmental policies. Putting the cart before the horse the issue with populist kneejerk policy.

UAE and Saudi Arabia Reach Compromise For OPEC+ To Boost Oil Production

OPEC+ led by Saudi Arabia on Sunday agreed to a request from the United Arab Emirates to ease cuts by 2 mln bpd until year end. UAE, KSA, Russia, Iraq see output quota adjustment. Oil prices are near 2-1/2 year highs on pandemic economic recovery.

Saudi Aramco Slashes Crude Oil Price After Bitter Failure of OPEC+ Marriage

Saudi Arabia aggressively slashed oil prices Saturday. Divorce can be bitter, especially when it is between two parties like Saudi Arabia and Russia that should have never got married. The collapse of OPEC+ after Russia walked away and said produce as much as you want is the inevitable result of tolerating a cheating spouse