Renewables Sources Make Up 13% of Global Power Generation in 2021

The power generation blend in 2021 shows coal is still the dominant source with 36%, natural gas has increased to almost 23%. Every other major generation source of the mid-1980s has lost relative share and not all to gas. Renewable power is the other big improver, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and small hydropower has grown from 0.8% of the world’s electricity mix to 13%. Renewables had just 0.8% market share globally in 1985. In 1985, coal-fired power was 38% of global electricity … Continue reading “Renewables Sources Make Up 13% of Global Power Generation in 2021”

China Overtakes Europe as World’s Biggest Renewable Electricity Generator

China’s transition into a major economy has been relentless and with that its energy consumption. While China is the largest user of natural gas and coal it has also evolved to become the world’s largest renewable energy generator. In 2016 China surpassed the US and reached close to 60% of Europe’s total renewable generation. In 2021 China overtook Europe, adding almost 290 terawatt-hours of total renewable electricity generation in one year. Last year, Japan and India generated a combined 302 terawatt-hours.  … Continue reading “China Overtakes Europe as World’s Biggest Renewable Electricity Generator”

Crypto Wrap Up: Bitcoin & Ethereum Collapse, US CBDC and Russia Ban Crypto

This week’s Crypto Wrap KnovaWave & Meta Johnny discuss a big week for crypto, the collapse of Bitcoin and Ethereum and alt coins heads us off. They discuss the use Of Bitcoin in South America and The US Fed’s paper on CBDC. The story behind the banning of Crypto in Russia and China as geopolitical tension hits fever pitch. Ethereum Money and Payments: The U.S. Dollar in the Age of Digital TransformationJanuary 2022 Executive Summary For a nation’s economy to … Continue reading “Crypto Wrap Up: Bitcoin & Ethereum Collapse, US CBDC and Russia Ban Crypto”

Solar Generation To Rise To 20% From 3% of U.S. electricity By 2050 EIA Forecasts

The EIA nade a series of forecasts for the likely share of solar power for US electricity over the next thirty years. In 2020 solar power accounted for 3% of U.S. electricity generation from all sources. The agency forecasts that solar will account for 20% of U.S. electricity generation in 2050. EIA US Solar Power Projections Solar power accounted for 3% Solar will account for 4% in 2021 5% in 2022. 14% in 2035 20% in 2050 via EIA Electric Power … Continue reading “Solar Generation To Rise To 20% From 3% of U.S. electricity By 2050 EIA Forecasts”

Europe Energy Crisis Years in the Making With Reactionary Environmental policy

What comes to mind with the current European energy crisis is the unexpected consequences of decision making without thought of possible headwinds. The current crisis has been borne out of what could best be described as ignorant energy and environmental policies. Putting the cart before the horse the issue with populist kneejerk policy.

HIVE Blockchain Technologies Increase Bitcoin Mining Capacity To $200 Million Annual Run Rate

HIVE Blockchain announced its global operations are producing a BTC equivalent operational hash rate of 1.675 EH/s from its Bitcoin and Ethereum operations, an annual run rate of $200 million. $HVBT was the first cryptocurrency mining company with a green energy and ESG strategy.

G7 Commits to Accelerate Transition From Coal While China Builds Coal Capacity

The G7 in their communique Friday committed their nations to accelelerate it’s transition from coal in a conscious move from fossil to green fuel dependancy. Meanwhile over in China they are building coal capacity, again this shows their clear deference to the G7 

Bankruptcy Looms For America’s Largest Underground Coal Miner Murrey Energy

Murray Energy Corporation, America’s largest underground coalminer is battling to stave off bankruptcy, Yesterday it extended forbearance agreements with its lenders and elected not to make interest payments to noteholders,

Jinko Solar Beats Earnings Forecasts Higher Solar Panel Production

Jinko Solar, the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer, reported better than expected earnings before the open Monday. $JKS, headquartered in Shanghai, China sees for the full year 2018 total solar module shipments to be in the range of 11.5 GW to 11.8 GW.