Texas Instruments A Victim Of It’s Own Success as Demand Strains Manufacturing Capacity

Texas Instruments, the largest manufacturer of analog and embedded processors in America, traded sharply lower despite reporting better than expected 1Q21 results and 2Q21 guidance after the close Tuesday. Concern is over inventory levels becoming more depleted and its lead-times for some products extending.

Texas Instruments Earnings Boost From Rebound of Automotive and Personal Electronics Demand

Texas Instruments reported better than expected quarter earnings Tuesday and guided higher for the second quarter. $TXN’s earnings report ahead of other chipmakers Advanced Micro Devices $AMD, Qualcomm $QCOM and Intel $INTC.

The Dysfunctional Triangle of Intel, Broadcom and Qualcomm

Intel may intervene in Broadcom’s attempt to takeover Qualcomm the Wall Street Journal reported Friday. Intel, the world’s number one chipmaker fears a combined Qualcomm-Broadcom, as dysfunctional as that marriage maybe according to $QCOM poses a threat to $INTC’s dominance.