Molecular Farming Potential to Be Disruptive in the Alternative Protein Landscape

Molecular farming, also known as plant-made pharmaceuticals (PMPs) or pharming, is a technology that involves using plants to produce pharmaceuticals, industrial products, and other substances. This approach has the potential to be a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of producing these products, which often rely on chemical synthesis or animal-based production. In molecular farming, plants are genetically modified to produce a desired protein or other substance. These plants can then be harvested, and the desired product can … Continue reading “Molecular Farming Potential to Be Disruptive in the Alternative Protein Landscape”

Heavily Shorted KemPharm Reports Higher Revenue, Elimination of Debt and FDA Approval For AZSTARYS™ NDA

Pharmaceutical company KemPharm shares have risen after $KMPH received approval for the AZSTARYS NDA an alternative for Adderall and other ADHD treatments. In there fourth quarter earnings they announced a restructured its balance sheet, extinguished its debt and re-listed on The Nasdaq Capital Market. The stock is also heavily shorted.