Fear at a Crescendo with Record Put Option Contracts on U.S. Stocks, ETFs and Indexes

Fear gripped global final markets Friday with the global leveraged speculating community awash with derivatives. In the US alone there were 34 million put-option contracts traded Friday across U.S. stocks, exchange-traded funds and indexes. Cboe Global Markets data said this was the highest on record going back to 2008. Put options are used by to hedge portfolios or speculate on lower prices. Fear is in control but is it at a point of saturation contrarians are asking. The overhanging risk … Continue reading “Fear at a Crescendo with Record Put Option Contracts on U.S. Stocks, ETFs and Indexes”

Analyzing Apple’s Ascent To All-Time Highs

We go through “That Apple Trade”. Apple has gone from $150 to $180 in very quick time. $AAPL is just 2% shy of a $3 trillion company with 30% in a matter of weeks. The trade had set up perfectly, a perfect storm of both the KnovaWave methodology and the crowd psychology buttons coupled with our Option Delta and Gamma levels around key targets. We walk through the different aspects of this trade in this week’s podcast. Enjoy commentary from … Continue reading “Analyzing Apple’s Ascent To All-Time Highs”

Using Option Gamma and Technical Analysis in Index Futures and Oil

The trading room discusses trades live during the Monday morning bounce using option gamma levels and Technical analysis. We were joined today by Julie Wade of J Auto Trading Strategies, LLC sharing her Gamma algorithms live and in conjunction with the KnovaWave Trading grid and how the traders were able to use them. Listen to Julie, Andrew, Mahdavi and Alex discuss the morning session.