When Trading Becomes an Addiction

Trading can become an addiction for some people, especially those who are prone to addictive behavior. The rush of adrenaline that comes with making successful trades can be addictive, and the desire to repeat that feeling can drive people to make more and riskier trades. In addition, the feeling of being in control and making independent decisions can be very appealing to some people, and this can also contribute to the addictive nature of trading. The sense of accomplishment that … Continue reading “When Trading Becomes an Addiction”

DraftKings Buys Golden Nugget Online Gaming For $1.56 Billion

DraftKings announced it was to acquire Golden Nugget Online Gaming an all-stock transaction worth about $1.56 billion. $GNOG is an online gambling company focused on iGaming. Market Reaction Golden Nugget Online Gaming GNOG +50% DraftKings DKNG 52.26 +0.67 +1% What is iGaming iGaming includes online sports betting, slots, poker, and other virtual gambling. GNOG only offers iGaming in the US, which does not help to establish a presence in Canada, where online gambling is reportedly expected to be legalized sometime … Continue reading “DraftKings Buys Golden Nugget Online Gaming For $1.56 Billion”