U.S. Puts 5% Tariff on Mexico With Threat of 25% Tied to Illegal Immigration

US President Trump announced a 5% tariff on Mexico saying that if Mexico does not do more to halt illegal immigration into the US the 5% tariff will rise to 25% in steps by October 2019. The Mexican Peso Collapsed on the news.

NAFTA Replaced With United States – Mexico Trade Agreement

After months of negotiations the United States and Mexico have replaced the previous NAFTA agreement with the United States – Mexico Trade Agreement. Canada was not part of the deal, they maybe added later, or not. The pressure is now on the Canadians.

US Signs in Steel and Aluminum Tariffs, Exempts NAFTA Partners

President Donald Trump as expected signed into law tariffs on steel and aluminum in a move he feels will recharge American industry. The deal exempts NAFTA partners Canada and Mexico as expected. National security was also cited as part of the decision.