Norway Raised Interest Rate with More Hikes Likely Depending on Coronavirus Impact

Norway’s central bank, the Norges Bank’s Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Committee unanimously raised the policy rate from 0.25 percent to 0.5 percent on Thursday as widely expected. The bank and said more hikes were likely next year although that would depend on the impact of a surge in coronavirus infections and the emergence of the Omicron variant. Norges Bank’s action was its second hike in three months, as predicted economists polled by Reuters and in line with the central … Continue reading “Norway Raised Interest Rate with More Hikes Likely Depending on Coronavirus Impact”

Greed Outpacing Fear in Markets says Goldman’s Solomon

In what may appear as patently obvious to most Goldman Sachs CEO, David Solomon speaking at an event in Singapore said we are living in one of those “periods of time when greed has outpaced fear.” and the global economy is facing a ‘complicated time’. We are in times not too dissimilar to the 1980’s where the fictional Gordon Gekko ruled and the real Ivan Boesky would most likely be the norm in the moral hazard free 2021. Soloman says … Continue reading “Greed Outpacing Fear in Markets says Goldman’s Solomon”

US and European ETFs See Switch From Value To Growth Stocks in Q3

European Growth ETFs, which focus on “growth” stocks, attracted €120m in the three months to September, their strongest quarter since 2015. The move mirrored the US, where growth ETFs took in $9.4bn in Q3, the second strongest quarter on record, and reversing the $8.5bn of net outflows the sector suffered in the previous 12 months. Growth stocks typically trade at higher price-to-earnings or price-to-book-multiples The move followed European Investors in Q3 pulling a record net €3.7bn from European value ETF … Continue reading “US and European ETFs See Switch From Value To Growth Stocks in Q3”

China First Quarter GDP Grows At Strongest Pace On Record At 18.3%

The Chinese economy rose 18.3% yoy in the first quarter, though lower than the market consensus of 19%. China’s growth accelerated from 6.5% growth in Q4 . This was the strongest pace of expansion since 1992 (when records were first published)

Norway Sovereign Wealth ‘Oil’ Fund Hits $US 1 Trillion

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund ‘The Fund’ just reached a massive $US1 trillion in value. The so called ‘oil fund’ is the envy of most countries, particularly countries with large commodity resources such as Saudi Arabia and Australia. Norway is a lesson in foresight and saving for the future and taking account of finite resources and their limitations. This is the antithesis of the US Federal Reserve and Bank of Japan who live in hope and kick the can down the … Continue reading “Norway Sovereign Wealth ‘Oil’ Fund Hits $US 1 Trillion”