Ford Motor Crushes Earnings, Hikes Dividend Raising Guidance

Ford Motor reported better than expected second quarter earnings after the close Wednesday. $F stick soared after the automaker reaffirmed its 2022 outlook and hiked the Ford stock dividend. Strong demand for both the traditional combustion and new electric vehicles overcame supply and inflation headwinds. Ford made an operating profit of $3.7 billion from $40.2 billion in sales. Wall Street was looking for an operating profit of $2.6 billion from sales of $34.8 billion. Earnings Ford Second Quarter 2022 Earnings … Continue reading “Ford Motor Crushes Earnings, Hikes Dividend Raising Guidance”

General Motors To Invest USD300 Million in Chinese Autonomous Vehicle Startup Momenta

General Motors $GM will invest USD300 million in Chinese autonomous vehicle startup Momenta. This investment is a strategic partnership that will support GM in building autonomous technologies for future models in China

GM Backed Wejo partners with Microsoft, Palantir, Sompo For Connected Vehicles

GM backed startup Wejo announced partnerships with Microsoft, Palantir and Sompo Holdings to improve its ability to collect, store and analyze data from millions of connected vehicles around the world. Wejo is going public by merging with SPAC Virtuoso Acquisition $VOSO later this year.

GM’s Cadillac Goes All Electric With Lyriq It’s First All EV and Hummer First Electric Super Truck

GM unveiled the production version of the Cadillac Lyriq, its first all-electric vehicle as the automaker confirmed that every new Cadillac vehicle will be all-electric starting now. Cadillac brand should be all-electric a little bit ahead of the rest of General Motors target of electric only by 2035.

Auto and Truck Sales Impact on The American Economy

Auto and auto parts companies impact U.S. economic growth which is a debt led consumer economy. With spiralling auto debt it affects the whole finance pyramid. The U.S. auto industry helps drive industrial production, service and finance industries and insight into consumer trends.

U.S. Auto and Truck Sales Continue to Fall in February

Auto sales continued to fall in February as U.S. car makers sales continued to fall with the impact of servere weather, the trade war and threat of tariffs. Most SUV sales fell as auto loan rates pressure and gasoline prices stopped falling. Car earnings give us insight into consumer trends.

Fiat Chrysler Earnings Beat But Tariffs, Emissions and Asia Weigh

Fiat Chrysler reported better-than-expected third-quarter earnings Tuesday and promised to pay 2 billion euros ($2.3 billion) in special dividends for the sale of its parts unit. However $FCA was hurt by a lower net cash forecast and losses in both Asia and Europe.

GM Cuts Guidance on Rising Commodities, Brazil and Argentina

General Motors reported in linesecond quarter earnings Wednesday but warned going forward on higher commodities and exchange rates in Brazil and Argentina. GM had already warned on the negative affects of tariffs. $GM fell 5% on the news premarket.