Exxon Puts Texas Barnett Shale Gas Properties Up For Sale

Exxon Mobil on Monday put it’s Barnett Shale holdings that include 2,700 wells across about 182,000 acres in North Texas up for sale. The producing properties are valued at between $400 million and $500 million, according a person familiar with the matter Reuters said. Barnett Shale was the site the first horizontally drilled shale wells. Exxon is in a position to take advantage of skyrocketing natural gas properties across the world. U.S. gas prices are up 75% year to date, … Continue reading “Exxon Puts Texas Barnett Shale Gas Properties Up For Sale”

Trump and Oil Company CEOs To Meet Friday

President Trump will meet with company CEOs, uncluding Exxon,Chevron and Occidential on Friday reports the WSJ.This comes at a time when oil prices have collapsed from the Coronavirus and a Russian and Saudi price war with bankruptcies building in the US energy sector. The meeting is to take place at the White House. Expect comments from Trump into the meeting.