European Industrial Companies See Strong Demand But Supply Chain Pressuring Revenue says Fitch

Supply chain disruptions continue to hamper Europe, diversified industrial companies with revenue crimped by semiconductor shortages and longer shipping times. Fitch Ratings sees this as a short term event with demand strong, and likely to continue

German Manufacturing Sector Trying To Recover But Trade Tensions Weigh

Germany manufacturing PMI came in like most European PMIs, soft as the global trade war and Brexit drama weighed. 45.0 was a 4-month high, but still the manufacturing sector contracted for a sixth month in a row. Growth in consumer goods was the brightspot.

Italian Debt More Than Twice EU limit, Risk EU Imposes $4 Billion Penalty

Right on the heels of Matteo Salvini’s Lega party winning over 30% in the European elections sources say the European Commission is considering proposing a 3.5 billion-euro ($4 billion) penalty on Italy over its failure to reduce debt per EU budget rules.

Resiliant European Service Sector Contrasts With Weak Manufacturing Output

The European services sector strength contrasts with weak manufacturing conditions. Growth was led by Germany and Spain. Suggesting that the domestic economies aren’t as burdened by the global trade war and Brexit drama. Resilient rate of growth that has lost some momentum.