EU Legal Renewable Hydrogen Definition Finalized

After much delay the European Commission has finalized a legal definition of renewable hydrogen. The legal definition was due by the end of 2021, the EC however only published a draft for consultation in May last year. The final definition is more lenient than the initial drafts and removes additionality requirements for electrolyzers connected to grids that are largely decarbonized through nuclear power. Operators would still require power purchase agreements (PPAs) for renewable electricity in these grids. Hydrogen accounts for less … Continue reading “EU Legal Renewable Hydrogen Definition Finalized”

Tech Giants Face Risk of Breakup and Fines with EU Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts

The European Commission announced the Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts in their battle to reign in the control and influence of tech giants who could face hefty fines up to 10% of annual global revenue for non-compliance and breakups. In the sights are social media platforms and online market places.

European €500 Billion Coronavirus Reconstruction Plan Devised By France and Germany

Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron have propesed a €500 billion European coronavirus reconstruction plan. The aim is the recovery fund that should give grants, not loans to EU member states.

EU Negotiates Free Trade Agreements With Australia And New Zealand

The European Commission on Tuesday released a statement “welcomes green light to start trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand. The deal follows Brexit and The U.S. and China putting their trade war on hold. Australia is a major trading partner of China and considered America’s closest ally.