Glencore Ebitda Soared as Coal Prices Have Tripled Since August 2020

Coal prices have soared with supply chain disruptions, the Chinese trade war with Australia and material shortages. By September 2021 thermal coal price have tripled from a year ago seeing Glencore’s ebitda run rate soar with prices.

G7 Commits to Accelerate Transition From Coal While China Builds Coal Capacity

The G7 in their communique Friday committed their nations to accelelerate it’s transition from coal in a conscious move from fossil to green fuel dependancy. Meanwhile over in China they are building coal capacity, again this shows their clear deference to the G7 

Energy Prices Pressure US Consumer Inflation Rate To Over 2 Year High

US March CPI +2.6% annual inflation rate, slightly higher than expected +2.5%, up from 1.7% in February but the highest reading since August of 2018 with main upward pressure coming from energy +13.2% vs 3.7% in February including gasoline +22.5% vs 1.6% prior.

With Polar Vortex Talk American Coal Stockpiles Lowest Since 2014 Says EIA

Coal has been the dirty relation in energy for a number years now as renewables and natural gas continue to dominate. Mines have closed, plants have shut so it’s no surprise the EIA reports in August 2017, coal stockpiles at electric power plants were 144 million tons, the lowest monthly level since late 2014.