Ratings Agency Fitch Weighs Up US Presidential Election Outcomes

Fitch Ratings on Monday in a note on the forthcoming U.S. election looked at the implications for policy. Two of the potential outcomes are most relevant for credit, a “status quo” result or Biden becoming President and Democrats winning Senate and Congress.

New Zealand Calls September 19, 2020, General Election

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Tuesday that the country will have a general election on September 19, 2020, yes seven months away. Expect a lot of electioneering in NZ. The election was due by November 21. Arden made the announcement speaking to reporters at the year’s first post-cabinet press conference, Ardern said she believed the now-common practice of announcing elections early in the year was fair. The date means the New Zealand Parliament will sit for the last … Continue reading “New Zealand Calls September 19, 2020, General Election”

As Russia Probe Drags on Putin Says Hasn’t Decided if Running Again

Apparently Russian President Vladimir Putin has not decided he will run for re-election in March 2018. For a guy who hasn’t relinguished any power since he headed the KGB this seems doubtful.  Also today Senate Intelligence Committee head Burr said “Can certifiably say no vote totals were affected as a result of Russia”