US Gulf Coast LNG Export Capacity To Exceed 7 Bcf/d By End of Year

In less than a year US Gulf Coast crude export capacity could near 8.5 million b/d and US LNG export capacity exceed 7 Bcf/d a S&P Global analysis concludes. More LNG terminals are proposed that could mean five times greater capacity with most in the Gulf Coast.

Why Did Crude Oil Futures Plummet Into Memorial Day Weekend

Crude oil futures plummeted almost $3 Friday morning ahead of the Memorial Weekend. This follows a bearish EIA Inventory report showing huge builds, soaring gasoline prices with a President who called out OPEC and Russia and Saudi Arabia talking increased production.

Cushing Builds Puts Oil Back in Contango, Tillerson Out Ahead of Oil Inventories

Cushing back to a build with a large crude build as oil futures quickly reverted back into contango ahead of this week’s EIA oil inventory report while a shifting geopolitical risk matrix develops after President Trump ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.