Germany SPD and CDU Battle To Become Largest Party in Bundestag After Angela Merkel Era

Centre-left SPD and their candidate, Olaf Scholz, secured a narrow win in the German election which saw Angela Merkel’s centre-right CDU party and their candidate, Armin Laschet, plunge to a historic low. Parties will embark on “exploratory talks” to form a government, with a three-way coalition considered the most likely.

Germany Economy in an ‘Unexpectedly Fast’ V-Shaped Recovery

German economy minister Peter Altmaier believes Germanyin an ‘unexpectedly fast’ V-shaped recovery. Despite Coronavirus fears global markets have soared to record highs and economies are saatring to life as PMI show life. The German government revised it’ 2020 GDP forecast to -5.8% from -6.3% previously.

Australia To Charge Deutsche Bank, Citigroup and ANZ With Being Criminal Cartel

Australia in an unprecedented move announced it is preparing criminal cartel charges against ANZ and underwriters Deutsche Bank and Citigroup over a 2015 $2.3 billion share issue. Potentially institutional capital raisings in global capital markets will be affected.