Australian Green Bitcoin Miner Iris Energy Debuts on NASDAQ

Australian green bitcoin miner Iris Energy debuted on Nasdaq Wednesday opening at the $US28 IPO price only to sell off sharply. Trading under the symbol $IREN , which accesses abundant or under-utilized renewable energy to power its operations, fell as much as 22% in its first session and closed down 12.7 % at $US24.45. It didn’t help that Bitcoin prices fell though the day. Australia’s Iris Energy (IREN) is an Bitcoin mining company primarily powered by renewable energy raised its initial public … Continue reading “Australian Green Bitcoin Miner Iris Energy Debuts on NASDAQ”

Greed Outpacing Fear in Markets says Goldman’s Solomon

In what may appear as patently obvious to most Goldman Sachs CEO, David Solomon speaking at an event in Singapore said we are living in one of those “periods of time when greed has outpaced fear.” and the global economy is facing a ‘complicated time’. We are in times not too dissimilar to the 1980’s where the fictional Gordon Gekko ruled and the real Ivan Boesky would most likely be the norm in the moral hazard free 2021. Soloman says … Continue reading “Greed Outpacing Fear in Markets says Goldman’s Solomon”

Traders Market Weekly: Retail Sales, Chips and Inflation

November 14 – 20 2021 FEAR NOT Brave Investors Where have we been and where are we going? Join our weekly market thread on Traders Community… Retail Sales, Chip Earnings and Inflation The Week That Was – What Lies Ahead? Contents Part A: Stock markets Part B: Bonds Fed and Banks Part C: Commodities Energy – Oil and Gas Gold and Silver Part D: Foreign Exchange Geopolitics and Economics Economy Week ahead Editorial The markets shrugged off lots of land mines this … Continue reading “Traders Market Weekly: Retail Sales, Chips and Inflation”