Elevated US Producer Price Inflation Continues Including a 4.8% Jump in Final Demand Energy Prices

US Producer price inflation continues elevated. Annual PPI remained at a record 8.6%, unchanged from September. Over 60% of the increase in the index for final demand was due to a 1.2% increase in prices for final demand goods, which included a 4.8% jump in prices for final demand energy.

Inflation Showing No Signs of Being Transitory Yet With US CPI Persistent Into September

Central Bankers keep trying to reassure us that soaring inflation is transitory. September US CPI shows us it remains persistently high. Annual CPI was up 5.4% up from 5.3% in August with core CPI steady at a dizzy 4.0%.

US Producer Price Inflation Largest Increase in Service Costs Since 2009

US Producer price inflation continues elevated, all be it off low Covid lockdown bases. Annual PPI rose to 7.8% in July. Biggest price increases were nearly 3/4 due to a 1.1% in services costs, the largest increase since data were first calculated in December 2009.

US CPI Inflation Accelerates To 5% With Higher Commodity prices and Supply Constraints

US Consumer price inflation (CPI) continues to accelerate, all be it off low Covid lockdown bases. Annual CPI hit 5% in May, highest since August 2008. Biggest price increases again were energy with gasoline up 56.2% and utility gas service up 13.5%.

Energy Prices Push US CPI Inflation To Highest Since 2008 as Real Wages Slide

US Consumer price inflation (CPI) for April came in hot at +4.2% y/y vs +3.6% expected up from +2.6% and the highest since 2008. Core, Ex food and energy +3.0% y/y vs +2.3% expected and prior ex food and energy +1.6%. Month on month CPI rose +0.8% m/m vs +0.2% expected with [rior m/m reading was +0.6%. Real wages were much lower, Real avg hourly earnings -3.7% vs +1.5% y/y prior.

Consumer Price Inflation Rises Most in 7 Months With Medical and Gasoline Costs

US Consumer price inflation (CPI) for October was 0.4% higher than expected. YoY was 1.8% also more than expected. Gas prices surged 3.7% in October, though still fallen more than 7% in the past year. Bottom line is the Federal Reserve remains clueless about inflation and wages.