China Mines 60% of World’s Bitcoin – What It Means

Bitcoin has become a phenomenon in 2017, the longevity of cryptocurrencies is one of the most polarizing topics of the year. The key lies in China where about 58% of the world’s large cryptocurrency mining pools are located, the U.S. has 16%. China is significant politically, socially and for the environment. China’s governing bodies tried to shut bitcoin down, instead it has risen exponentially in price and mining activity. Mining has grown from a simple hobby performed by early adopters … Continue reading “China Mines 60% of World’s Bitcoin – What It Means”

With Polar Vortex Talk American Coal Stockpiles Lowest Since 2014 Says EIA

Coal has been the dirty relation in energy for a number years now as renewables and natural gas continue to dominate. Mines have closed, plants have shut so it’s no surprise the EIA reports in August 2017, coal stockpiles at electric power plants were 144 million tons, the lowest monthly level since late 2014.