Desperate China Orders Inner Mongolia Coal Mines To Boost Production by 55%

The energy crisis is ravaging China, as coal prices soar to unseen prices North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region have been ordered to boost output by nearly 100 million tons. 72 mines in the three cities There are 72 mines in 3 cities under the directive.

Glencore Ebitda Soared as Coal Prices Have Tripled Since August 2020

Coal prices have soared with supply chain disruptions, the Chinese trade war with Australia and material shortages. By September 2021 thermal coal price have tripled from a year ago seeing Glencore’s ebitda run rate soar with prices.

Europe Energy Crisis Years in the Making With Reactionary Environmental policy

What comes to mind with the current European energy crisis is the unexpected consequences of decision making without thought of possible headwinds. The current crisis has been borne out of what could best be described as ignorant energy and environmental policies. Putting the cart before the horse the issue with populist kneejerk policy.

Production Starts at BHP South Flank Mine with Iron Ore at Record Highs

Australian mining giant BHP is in sync to replace diminishing iron ore output from it’s existing Yandi mine which is nearing the end of its life. The first ore from its $4.6 billion South Flank mine in the Pilbara, WA was mined this month.  South Flank is the biggest iron ore mine developed in Australia in over 50 years and comes at a time where Iron Ore prices are at a record high. A timely boost for not just BHP … Continue reading “Production Starts at BHP South Flank Mine with Iron Ore at Record Highs”

G7 Commits to Accelerate Transition From Coal While China Builds Coal Capacity

The G7 in their communique Friday committed their nations to accelelerate it’s transition from coal in a conscious move from fossil to green fuel dependancy. Meanwhile over in China they are building coal capacity, again this shows their clear deference to the G7 

BHP Writes Down Australian Thermal Coal Mine $1.6 Billion

BHP continues to write down its fossil fuel assets cutting up to $1.6 billion from the value of its Mt Arthur thermal coal mine in the Hunter Valley. BHP sold its U.S. shale assets to Britain’s oil major BP for $10.5 billion in 2018 selling off “non-core and we are actively pursuing options to exit these assets for value”. BHP is Australia’s largest miner at it’s shareholders meeting it will writedown its Mt Arthur coal mine in the Hunter Valley … Continue reading “BHP Writes Down Australian Thermal Coal Mine $1.6 Billion”

Environmental Services Charah Solutions To Recycle 8.1 Million Tons of Coal Ash For Dominion

Environmental and Byproduct services provider Charah Solutions was awarded a marketing contract by Dominion Energy $D for the beneficiation and utilization of up to 8.1 million tons of reclaimed ponded coal ash. $CHRA opened up over 20% on the announcement.

CSX Railroad Earnings Boost From Feed Grain, Oils, Ethanol and Construction Shipments

Railway giant CSX Corp delivered better than expected Q3 earnings, though earnings fell 4% as weakness in coal and intermodal dragged revenues lower. $CSX train velocity improved 13% to record levels while car dwell remained relatively stable near record levels.

Bankruptcy Looms For America’s Largest Underground Coal Miner Murrey Energy

Murray Energy Corporation, America’s largest underground coalminer is battling to stave off bankruptcy, Yesterday it extended forbearance agreements with its lenders and elected not to make interest payments to noteholders,