US Weekly IPO and SPAC Monitor : Just One IPO in Thanksgiving Week

During Thanksgiving week we have just one IPO due. Canadian gold exploration company Holdover Austin Gold (AUST).  Be aware there is still a chance that a handful of SPACs will price during the week. Holdover Austin Gold (AUST) Plans to raise $15 million at a $64 million market cap. This Canadian gold exploration company currently has interests in four properties located in the state of Nevada, with just one property that it considers material at this time. Austin Gold has not generated … Continue reading “US Weekly IPO and SPAC Monitor : Just One IPO in Thanksgiving Week”

US Weekly IPO and SPAC Monitor : KinderCare & Braze

Heading into Thanksgiving another busy week ahead in the IPO market with 7 IPOs scheduled to bring in $1.9 billion. Childcare provider KinderCare Learning Companies $KLC and customer engagement platform Braze $BRZE Childcare provider KinderCare Learning Companies (KLC) Plans to raise $503 million at a $2.7 billion market cap. The company serves children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age through 1,480 early childhood education centers and 650 before- and after-school sites across 40 states and Washington DC. While KinderCare is a leader in … Continue reading “US Weekly IPO and SPAC Monitor : KinderCare & Braze”

Bank of Canada Ends Bond Purchases Abruptly and Unexpectantly Sending Loonie Sharply Higher

Bank of Canada surprised by ending the QE bomd buyimg program from $2 billion per week to nil, it was expected to cut to $1billion a week. The BoC leftthe key lending rate at 0.25 percent Wednesday as expected.

Canadian National Railways Hopes of Rail Industry Capturing Market Share From Trucking

Canadian National Railways reported a modest Q3 earnings beat. $CNI is not seeing labor issues and is in good shape from a labor standpoint which was a concern with investors after JB Hunt reported earnings. Fellow Canadian rail giant Canadian Pacific recently beat out CNI in merging with Kansas City Southern $KSU.

U.S. Trade Deficit Rises As Imports Continue To Grow Faster Than Exports

The US trade deficit in August was $73. 3Billion up from prior month’s $70.30 billion. The China and US trade deficit rose to -$28.1B. By contrast Australia’s trade balance for August revealed a massive surplus of AUD15,077 million

With Election in Sight Bank of Canada Leaves Rates and Bond Purchases Unchanged

No surprises from the Bank of Canada left the key lending rate at 0.25 percent Wednesday as expected. BoC repeated it will hold interest rate at the effective lower bound until economic slack is absorbed. Bank of Canada kept bond purchases to C$3 billion a week.

Kansas City Southern Railway Bidding Wars With Canadian Pacific and Canadian National

Kansas City Southern is at the center of a bidding war between Canadian Pacific and Canadian National sending $KSU up +18.73 to $288.33. $CP sweetened its buyout offer in a bid to push merger rival $CNI away.

Drilling Ramps Up in Oil Patch With Natural Gas Rig Count Unchanged

U.S. oil rigs in service rose 7 this week with U.S. oil production at 11.40 million bpd and oil prices consolidating between $65 and $75. US Natural gas rigs remained flat. US natural gas prices at 3 year highs and 10 year highs in Europe all eyes are production numbers.

Rebuilding Inventories With Imports Saw U.S. Trade Deficit Rise to $71.2 billion in May

The US trade deficit increased 3.1% to $71.2 billion in May as rebuilding inventories for rising demand in a reopening economy pulled in imports. Goods imports rose 1.2% to $234.7 billion and exports of goods gained 0.3% to $145.5 billion, a record high.