Using The Market Dislocation Index to Enhance Portfolio Risk Adjusted Returns

We have seen the dislocation of financial markets at breakneck pace within a plethora of imploding asset values and credit balloons. Markets are operating under extremely stressful conditions and experiencing large, widespread asset mispricing. Significant market dislocations have become not uncommon over the past 20 years. They can provide attractive buying opportunities for those prepared to provide liquidity (at a discount) when sellers demand. It’s all down to timing and capitalizing on dislocations has the potential to enhance a portfolio’s … Continue reading “Using The Market Dislocation Index to Enhance Portfolio Risk Adjusted Returns”

Number One Risk for 2018 Is A Brutal Correction of Stock Prices Says French Watchdog

France’s market watchdog Autorite des Marches Financie (AMF) sees as the number risk for 2018 a brutal correction of stock prices. Goldman Sachs Bull/Bear Index is at the highest in almost 50 years. Analysts preach this time its different, is it?

Dow’s Biggest Percentage Losses Ever, Today’s 1175 Crash Doesn’t Make Top 10

After Crashing 666 points Friday the Dow Jones index crashed in the biggest points loss ever Monday, 1175 points.To put that in perspective, the loss was ‘just 4.60%”. In 1987 the Dow lost 22.61% at the close. But as we said its all a matter of entry and leverage. 

World Bank Warns on Size of Shadow Banking Of Chinese Debt

The World Bank warn the steep growth of shadow banking could trigger a debt crisis in China in it’s October report on the East Asian and Pacific economies. They see Chinese debt levels and it’s “shadow banking” as one of the greatest threats to regional prosperity.