Crypto Wrap Up: Bitcoin & Ethereum Collapse, US CBDC and Russia Ban Crypto

This week’s Crypto Wrap KnovaWave & Meta Johnny discuss a big week for crypto, the collapse of Bitcoin and Ethereum and alt coins heads us off. They discuss the use Of Bitcoin in South America and The US Fed’s paper on CBDC. The story behind the banning of Crypto in Russia and China as geopolitical tension hits fever pitch. Ethereum Money and Payments: The U.S. Dollar in the Age of Digital TransformationJanuary 2022 Executive Summary For a nation’s economy to … Continue reading “Crypto Wrap Up: Bitcoin & Ethereum Collapse, US CBDC and Russia Ban Crypto”

HIVE Blockchain Technologies Increase Bitcoin Mining Capacity To $200 Million Annual Run Rate

HIVE Blockchain announced its global operations are producing a BTC equivalent operational hash rate of 1.675 EH/s from its Bitcoin and Ethereum operations, an annual run rate of $200 million. $HVBT was the first cryptocurrency mining company with a green energy and ESG strategy.

Long Island Iced Tea Rebrands as Long Blockchain Corp $LTEA Jumps 250%

Whats in a name? Beverage company Long Island Iced Tea $LTEA simply rebranded their name with Blockchain in the title to, Long Blockchain Corp.They have no actual blockchain deal just ‘ideas’ and the stock jumps 250% premarket. Market a little tipsy?