Bitcoin Fever Takes Hold, South Korean P.M. Warns $BTC May Corrupt Youth

;Bitcoin Fever has taken hold across the world, the worse example appears to be in the US where FOMO players have pushed it on some exchanges as high as $19,500 (GDAX) where as more conventional (yes I did say that) exchanges saw $17,000. That in one problem; Price discovery, the South Korean PM sees it as much worse.

NVidia $NVDA Earnings Glow With Machine Learning, AI, Bitcoin & Gaming Graphics

High-performance graphics chip pioneer NVidia reported much better than expected fiscal Q3 earnings after the market close on Thursday. $NVDA has the pulse on hot technology product lines include, data centers, artificial intelligence, digital currencies, machine learning and self-driving cars.

Bitcoin Up $1000 Since Jamie Dimon Said Not Talking About It Anymore

Been a busy few weeks for Bitcoin and JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, last month he said Bitcoin was a fraud and it collapsed, the crypto currency fought it’s way back. Yesterday at $JPM earnings call he Dimon said he isn’t talking about it anymore. $BTC is up $1000 since.