Tyson Foods Chickens Came Home to Roost as Operating Margins Contract

Tyson Foods is a stock known for not missing earnings, in the Q3 (June), quarter it did. Adjusted operating margins tell the story as they contracted by 340 bps yr/yr to 7.4%. While consumer prices for beef, chicken, and pork boosted revenue the input costs more than offset the pricing benefits. TSN adjusted their prices given their products have a degree of price elasticity. TSN did reaffirm its FY22 revenue guidance of $52-54 billion as well as its adjusted operating … Continue reading “Tyson Foods Chickens Came Home to Roost as Operating Margins Contract”

Australian Farmers Grow and Sell Record $73 billion of Produce in 2021-22

Australia’s agriculture industry will produce a record $73 billion worth of produce in 2021-22 up from $66.3 billion in 2020-21 the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARE) September crop report released Monday said

Unintended Consequences – New Zealand Commodity Prices Jump as Beef Prices Soar 19%

The New Zealand ANZ commodity price index rose 4.3% in November, up sharply from a 1.2% gain in October. The rise was the larget gain since September 2016. Beef prices soared 19% m/m pressured by overseas supply constraints.

New Zealand Calls September 19, 2020, General Election

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Tuesday that the country will have a general election on September 19, 2020, yes seven months away. Expect a lot of electioneering in NZ. The election was due by November 21. Arden made the announcement speaking to reporters at the year’s first post-cabinet press conference, Ardern said she believed the now-common practice of announcing elections early in the year was fair. The date means the New Zealand Parliament will sit for the last … Continue reading “New Zealand Calls September 19, 2020, General Election”

American Beef, Soybeans and Grains At Risk Should China Retaliate

American agricultural markets may be at risk should China choose to retaliate against Steel and Aluminum tariffs. Specifically the vulnerable markets are soybeans, beef abd grains including sorghum. Such a ban could be a boon for Australia and South America.

Australia Beef & Cattle Exports Rise To Japan As U.S. Exports Fall

Australian beef and cattle exports fell in 2016/17 as a 16% reduction in cattle slaughter impacted export volumes Rural Bank’s 2016/17 Australian Agriculture Trade Performance report showed. Beef exports to the US declined -39%, the most out of Australia’s major markets.

China, Japan & EU Australia’s Agri Business Exports Top 3 Destinations

Australia’s agri-food exports increased in value for the seventh consecutive year in 2016/17, the top five destinations accounting for 48.2% of the value. The largest growth market in 2016/17 was India with China still the main destination.