S&P 500 Nabbed 70 Record Highs in 2021 Fueled by Mega-Caps Apple and Microsoft

The Blue-Chip S&P 500 index clocked 70 fresh record highs in 2021. Trailing only 1995 with 77 closing highs. The ‘Spoos’ was the biggest US Index winner, gaining 26.9% following the SPX gaining 16% in 2020. The ES was powered by mega-caps Apple (AAPL)Microsoft (MSFT)Alphabet (GOOG)Meta Platforms (FB)Tesla (TSLA), and NVIDIA (NVDA).

Risk takers pushed the Standard & Powers 500 index to fresh all times highs in 2021 as vaccine optimism and the prospects of further fiscal stimulus in the US fueled the mood. After bottoming out in late March 2020 massive action by the Fed and fiscal stimulus nudged stocks dramatically to close the year just off record highs.

The S&P 500 is weighted by market capitalization, the largest five companies, Apple Inc. Microsoft Corp. Amazon.com Inc. Alphabet Inc and Tesla Inc made up 23% of the SPDR S&P 500 ETF as of the close on Dec. 31.

The gains in 2021 were broad, with 88% of the S&P 500 showing positive returns.

20 best S&P performers in 2021:

Among the top 20 performers in the S&P 500, six were oil producers. Devon was the top stock, up 196.1% and Marathon the second top, up 149%.

How Global Indices fared in 2021

S&P 500 biggest winners of 2020 included:

20 Best SPX Stocks 2020

How Global Indices fared in 2020

The euro however rallied against the US dollar as massive US QE weakened the dollar and relief that the UK-EU free trade deal had been agreed boosted the euro. The stronger euro helepd attract overseas investors to the US stock market.

EUR W 12 31 2020

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