Reserve Bank Of New Zealand TWI Re-Weighting Sees Chinese Yuan Higher and Australian Dollar Lower

The RBNZ released it’s annual re-weighting of the Trade-Weighted Index (TWI) Thursday to take effect on Friday 10 December 2021. The Chinese yuan weighting rose from 0.2348 to 0.2704. Australian dollar weighting fell from 0.1871 to 0.1729.

New Zealand Dollar

The TWI is a measure of the value of the New Zealand dollar relative to the currencies of New Zealand’s major trading partners. There are 17 currencies included in the TWI and each currency is weighted using the country’s two-way goods and services trade with New Zealand. 

The new weights will be applied going forward. The historical calculations of the TWI are not backdated with the new weights. The current TWI weights and those that will apply for the next 12 months are:

NZ TWI Dec 2021

Technical information about the TWI is available on the TWI weights table.

Go to the TWI weights table

Source: RBNZ

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