Renewables Sources Make Up 13% of Global Power Generation in 2021

The power generation blend in 2021 shows coal is still the dominant source with 36%, natural gas has increased to almost 23%. Every other major generation source of the mid-1980s has lost relative share and not all to gas. Renewable power is the other big improver, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and small hydropower has grown from 0.8% of the world’s electricity mix to 13%. Renewables had just 0.8% market share globally in 1985.

In 1985, coal-fired power was 38% of global electricity generation. Hydro was 20%, nuclear, 15%; natural gas, 14%; and oil, a tad over 11% BP’s report showed.

Renewables have added 0.8% of market share, the same amount that they accounted for globally in 1985, on average annually since 2010.  Renewable power passed the 10% mark in 2019

BP Plc since the 1960s shares an annual Statistical Review of World Energy. It provides valuable data on energy production, consumption, power generation and trade flows.

Source: Statistical Review of World Energy Bloomberg

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