Nauticus Robotics Stock Soars 96% after Awarded U.S. Defense Contract for Autonomous Amphibious Robot

Nauticus Robotics a Houston developer of autonomous ocean robots stock soared to 6.32 up $3.10 or 96.27% after it announced it had been awarded a second multi-million-dollar contract by the U.S. Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). The award was for the development of an amphibious unmanned system utilizing the Company’s autonomous command and control software platform, ToolKITT. This follows Nauticus’ previous DIU contract on February 15, 2022, where ToolKITT is being utilized aboard the U.S. Navy’s Defender Mission Specialist.

toolKITT The next level of robotics control software

The remotely operated vehicle systems are to advance the subsea vehicle with more autonomous behaviors. DIU is a Department of Defense organization that contracts with commercial companies to solve national security problems.

This competitively awarded prototype project has the potential of follow-on production contracts without further competition, in accordance with §10 U.S.C. 2371b(f), and upon a determination that the prototype project has successfully been completed.

ToolKITT Autonomy Platform

ToolKITT is a unified software platform utilizing advances in machine learning to identify, classify, and perform complex underwater activities, which can be applied to remove, detect, identify, inspect, and neutralize hazards underwater.

ToolKITT was specifically designed to enable autonomous actions across multiple robotics platforms and is also used in Nauticus’ flagship product, Aquanaut.

“We are thrilled with the additional work the DIU and the U.S. Marine Corps have awarded us to continue providing leading maritime robotics and autonomy solutions to assist the warfighter,” said Ed Tovar, Director of Business Development for Defense Systems at Nauticus. “We are humbled and honored to be doing our part to advance the usage of robotics and autonomous systems to remove servicemembers from harm’s way.”

About Nauticus

Nauticus Robotics, Inc. is a developer of autonomous ocean robots and associated services. Nauticus’ robotic systems and services are delivered to government agencies and commercial customers through a Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model and direct product sales. Besides a standalone service offering and products, Nauticus’ approach to ocean robotics has also resulted in the development of a range of technology products for retrofitting/upgrading legacy systems and other third-party vehicle platforms.

Nauticus provides customers with the necessary data collection, analytics, and subsea manipulation capabilities to support and maintain assets while reducing their operational footprint, operating cost, and greenhouse gas emissions, to improve offshore health, safety, and environmental exposure.

Source: Yahoo Finance, Nauticus

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