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Computer speed and power have improved exponentially, pushing the limits with Machine Learning, Cryptocurrency Mining, Deep Learning and Artifical Intelligence. The next phase and most anticipated technology is Quantum Computing in 2018.

The US Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines 3-2 on Thursday to overturn the net neutrality regulations set in 2015.

The Group of 20 Economies (G20) financial regulator, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) warned about replacing humans with artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. In a world of Ponzi, Fiat and shadow banking we have a new layer upon us.

Facebook has acquired viral anonymous app tbh which has over 5 million users in just a few months after it has failed with it's apps in attracting teens as SnapChat gains popularity in that age group.

Graphics microchip maker Nvidia on Tuesday launched an artificial intelligence run computer system for the first fully autonomous vehicles. At the same time they announced logistics giant Deutsche Post DHL Group with ZF to use a test fleet of self-driving electric delivery trucks next year with $NVDA technology.

The Hands Free Hectare (HFHa) project at Harper Adams University, the first in the world to plant, tend and harvest a crop with only drones and autonomous vehicles, has come to an end after a successful harvest. Next step is to take over low skilled workers jobs.

Researchers at Harvard and MIT developed a biomedical monitoring device in the form of a tattoo.

Apple $AAPL introduces a new line of products, including the iPhone X ("ten"). The phone will start shipping 3 November for $999 for the 64GB, and it can be pre-ordered on 27 October.

Apple is reportedly holding a product event on Sept. 12

Hurricane season is heating up for 2017 with Tropical Storm Harvey due to turn into a Category 2 or 3 Hurricane through the Gulf of Mexico and to hit Texas. Traders, first responders, forecasters alike rely on data, artificial lintelligence machine learning is being used to improve forecasts.

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