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Co-Diagnostics stock has reversed after surging ahead of it's first-quarter earnings Thursday and up date of it's Coronavirus test. $CODX had hit multiple all time highs ahead of the reports.

Allogene Therapeutics on Wednesday released data on the success of it's off-the-shelf CAR-T cell therapy for an aggressive form of B-cell lymphoma blood cancer. The results showing some patients experienced complete remission. The stock $ALLO surged over 50% on the release.

Gilead Sciences’ antiviral medicine remdesivir is showing positive results in a closely watched clinical trial in Chicago. While early days warrants cautions, there have been rapid recoveries in fever and respiratory symptoms. $GILD stock jumped 14.4% on the latest results.

The Bejing medical briefing in China on Wednesday addressed many concerns that have caused panic in the world. They said no data is showing virus incubation of longer than 14 days and the median incubation period lasts 5-7 days.

Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipai are currently the cities most at risk from a global spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in a study based on the number of air travelers predicted to arrive there from the worst affected cities in mainland China.

Predicting weather as we know is difficult, some say just a gamble. Meanwhile climate change science, disaster management, agriculture and energy hedgers and really all of us seek accurate assessments. Will 5G help give us more accurate weather reports?

Fortnight is a phenomenom, a game seemingly out of nowhere to having over 250 million users in just over two years. With that comes love, hate and of course legal opportunism in a time of no responsibility. A Canadian law firm is suing Epic Games for creating Fortnite that is “as addictive, and potentially harmful, as cocaine”

The power of positive thinking is lauded by some and scoffed at by others. A decades long study at Boston University’s School of Medicine just released indicates that optimism could boost our chances of living 85 years or more by over 50 percent.

Leading digital assistants, Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa were put through Loup Ventures Annual Digital Assistant IQ Test. They asked the 800 questions with Google Assistant able to correctly answer 93% of them vs. Siri 83% and Alexa 80%.

Cash rich Apple is in advanced talks to buy Intel’s 5G modem chip division the Wall Street Journal reports. The value of the deal could be $1 billion or more as 5G iPhones come into focus. Intel reports later in the week.

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