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South Korea's Samsung Electronics are near completion of neural processing units, or “AI chips,” for servers and mobile phones artificial intelligence software. Sources say Samsung will outdo Apple and Huawei phones by H2.

Galaxy Note 9

AI Chips for Galaxy Note 9 In Process

The Korea Herald reports Wednesday that sources told them “Samsung is almost done with the development of AI chips for servers, which is expected to be commercialized for server firms, according to Samsung insiders,” and “For mobile devices, Samsung has already reached the technological levels of Apple and Huawei, but will come up with better chips for sure in the second half of the year,”

Samsung was late to the party on AI chips with Apple and Huawei beating them to the punch. Both rivals have been boasting that their NPUs feature better AI functions to accelerate data processing on their mobile devices.

What are NPUs?

The NPU is seen as the "brain" of a smartphone, both for it's appearance and it's functionality. The NPU with the central processing unit, graphic processing unit and other chips rmpower the standalone functionality away from clouds.

The source told the Korea Herald that Samsung is likely to show off some of its NPU capabilities at the debut of the upcoming flagship Galaxy S9 smartphone expected to be unveiled on Feb. 25 in Barcelona.

“Although the company has been somewhat late in the AI field, it was quite fast in catching up with competitors, Still, it is too early to compare the performances of AI chips by Samsung, Apple and Huawei, because the market has just been formed,” he said.

“Apple claims that its NPU has reached 600 in giga operations per second, while Huawei says 4 in tera operations per second. Samsung’s is estimated to be similar or slightly higher at the moment.”

GOPS and TOPS measure computer performance by count the rate of floating points of calculations. According to the source, Samsung is particularly dedicated to developing an enhanced NPU for the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone that is scheduled to be launched in September.

“Samsung seems focused on developing much more efficient and secure chips than existing ones,” said Yoo Hoi-jun, a professor at the Korea Advanced Institute of Technology. “By learning a lesson from the latest ‘Intel CPU gate,’ Samsung would develop AI processors whose architectures are more secure.” A public relations official at Samsung said, “Development of AI chips is underway led by Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology.” The official declined to confirm anything about the progress. - Korea Herald

Source: [Exclusive] Samsung nearly completes development of AI chips for servers, mobile phones: sources

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