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Soliton stock volatilty has soared with daily 25% and 10% moves up and down since news on $SOLY's proprietary Rapid Acoustic Pulse (RAP) device that uses acoustic shockwaves to dramatically accelerate the removal of tattoos, reduce cellulite and enhance existing fat removal technologies.

Solitron Device

Soliton, Inc. SOLY, is a medical device company with a novel and proprietary platform technology licensed from The University of Texas on behalf of the MD Anderson Cancer Center ("MD Anderson"), today announced it has completed the first evaluation timepoint for its proof of concept clinical trial for the treatment of cellulite. Results for a single acoustic shockwave treatment are being assessed by a blinded group of clinicians.

Like many biotech stocks SOLY has violent stock prices swings, up 25% and down 10% have been moves seen in the past few weeks. It is a battle between speculators believing in the future versus short sellers that believe it cannot survive. Make your decision wisely and trade at your own risk.

The study, conducted by Dr. Michael Kaminer at SkinCare Physicians in Boston, MA, in collaboration with Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi of Capital Laser and Skin Care, concluded evaluation of safety and efficacy for all patients through the initial 12-week time point. The study is designed to evaluate results at both the 12-week and 26-week timepoints from initial treatment in order to assess both near-term and long-term effects.

"We are pleased with how quickly this trial has progressed," commented Dr. Chris Capelli, Soliton's President and CEO. "We look forward to disclosing the independent assessment of the data from this trial in the near future. We believe the opportunity in the treatment of cellulite could be very significant for Soliton."

Dr. Michael Kaminer of SkinCare Physicians added: "Having led the clinical development of Cellfina, the only treatment with FDA clearance for producing long-term reduction of cellulite, I am particularly aware of the unmet need in the treatment of cellulite. Having a non-invasive alternative treatment could provide a real benefit for patients while also expanding the breadth of services offered by clinicians."

Solitron Market

From Soliton:

As we prepare for the commercialization of our RAP technology for tattoo removal, we are in the early stages of research for two completely different indications: Subcutaneous Fat and Cellulite Reduction. The market for reducing subcutaneous fat is considered an enormous opportunity, as evidenced by the recent acquisition of Zeltiq (CoolSculpt) for $2.4 billion.

Based on preclinical testing, we believe Soliton’s RAP has the potential to accelerate existing fat reduction technologies and improve their efficacy. The preclinical data that we have produced for this indication caught the attention of a multi-billion dollar global aesthetics company and since then, they have asked us to test the combination of our technology with theirs. Current technologies for subcutaneous fat reduction have gained strong market acceptance, but they typically only achieve 20 to 30% reduction.

If Soliton RAP can be shown to significantly increase that level of efficacy, it would represent a major breakthrough for the fat reduction market. Given the magnitude of the opportunity here, it is no accident that our scientific advisory board is comprised of mostly former medical advisory board members from Zeltiq (Coolsculpt).

The other indication that has us extremely excited is the potential to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is a complex condition that occurs in nearly 80% of all women because of the uniqueness of their skin’s structure. Women’s skin is more flexible than men’s probably owing to the need for women to accommodate childbirth. However, as this flexible structure weakens with age, subcutaneous fat can begin to push up through openings in the structure, creating the lumpiness associated with cellulite. A critical component of the structure needed to prevent this is collagen, which is produced by fibroblasts in the dermis.

Over 70 million Americans have at least one tattoo…and over half of them are considering a removal. The Soliton Multi-Pass treatment protocol combines your existing short-pulse laser with our RAP (Rapid Acoustic Pulse) Device, facilitating multiple Laser and Soliton treatments in a single treatment session to rapidly accelerate tattoo fading. A tattoo that would normally require 10 or more treatment sessions over a period of 1-2 years may now be removed in just 2-3 treatment sessions.

"Our Vision Our vision for tattoo removal is complete removal in 2-3 office visits. The testing and development have been time consuming and costly, but the human trials are nearing completion, the initial government approvals are only months away and we will soon partner with clinicians to bring this ground-breaking technology and device to those who desire a better method of tattoo removal or modification.Soliton’s proprietary and proven Multi-Pass protocol allows a typical tattoo to be removed in less than 1/3 the time of most laser-only methods, with a significantly better experience for patients in each removal session.

Soliton’s breakthrough acoustic wave technology, commercialized in the Soliton RAP (Rapid Acoustic Pulse) Device, allows a typical tattoo to be removed in only 2-3 office treatment visits, working in conjunction with current short pulse laser technology. Our device uses advanced electro-hydraulics by forming a plasma arc inside a fluid chamber. The arc, produced with very high energy in the range of 3,000 volts at nearly 3,000 amps, forms a shockwave that repeats at 100 times per second. The custom shaped acoustic waves are divergent, which eliminates cavitation (heat), are virtually painless, and result in no collateral skin damage. Our goal? A faster, more satisfying experience for clinicians and patients alike."

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About Soliton, Inc.

Soliton, Inc. is a medical device company with a novel and proprietary platform technology licensed from MD Anderson. The Company's first planned commercial product is designed to use rapid pulses of designed acoustic shockwaves in conjunction with existing lasers to accelerate the removal of unwanted tattoos (RAP device). In addition, higher energy versions of acoustic pulse devices are in early stages of development for potential stand-alone treatment of cellulite and other indications. Both products are investigational and are not available for sale in the United States.

For more information about the Company, please visit:

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