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Citigroup starts off the banking sectors Q4 earnings with mixed results before the market open Monday. $C reports ahead of other money center banks Bank of America $BAC JPMorgan Chase $JPM, Wells Fargo $WFC, PNC Financial $PNC 

Consumer electronics giant Apple warned on Wednesday after the market close sending $AAPL down over 9% and spurred a flash crash in forex markets and sent risk assets lower. Last quarter the company missed iPhone shipment estimates.

The top ten dividend paying stocks in the DJIA make up the Dogs of the Dow for 2019. An investment strategy that in theory takes out of much the market risk while delivering higher yields. Not always the case as we saw with GE collapsing further last year.

The Nasdaq bias of biotechs and technology stocks where risk reward is high is great when they go up but with failure there are many busts along the way. The Nasdaq-100 ended down 3.9% for the year after being at record highs.

This year was the strongest for IPOs since 2014 with approximately $46.8 billion generated from 190 IPOs. Last year ROKU was the best performer, up a mammoth 269%. Here are the best IPOs in 2018: $TLRY $ALLK $ARMO $GSHD $ZS 

The last quarter stockmarket slump hurt the less liquid stocks more than most. IPOs can be a risky game, and while some are great success stories some not so much. Here are the worst of of 2018; $GNPX $EVER $STG $ECOR $MNLO

The Nasdaq fell off the cliff as 2018 came to a close with the Nasdaq-100 ending down 3.9% for the year after being at record highs. The top stock was AMD Micro, up a massive 79% off but still off the 52 week high by 45%.

Software giant Oracle reported better than expected fiscal second quarter earnings after the close Monday. $ORCL faces competition on two main fronts, $AMZN for Cloud infrastructure and $CRM platform database revenue. 

Open source Linux software provider Red Hat who recently agreed to be acquired by IBM reported earnings after the close Monday, beating on earnings but missing on revenue. $RHT new products OpenShift and OpenStack have been ramping up revenue from hybrid cloud computing.

Machine data specialist Splunk reported better than expected hird quarter earnings despite higher costs and expenses. $SPLK raised revenue guidance for 2019 and 202 and guided fourth-quarter revenue higher, the stock rose 8% after the release.

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