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The technology laden Nasdaq-100 rose a massive 47.6% in 2020 and the full Nasdaq Composite Index up 43.7%. powered by new technogy such as Tesla up 743%, Biotechs such as Moderna up 434% and Stay at Home stocks such as Peloton up 434% and Zoom Video up 396%

The UK's Blue Chip FTSE 100 suffered its worst year since the 2008 financial crisis in 2020. On the last day of the year it closed 1.5% lower at 6,460, down 14.3% for the year. Stocks were hit by the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and Brexit uncertainty. Other than in Spain, Britain's top stocks were the poorest performer among the largest global stock indices.

Germany's Blue Chip DAX 30 index ended its last trading session of the year slightly lower at 13,719, near it's record high of 13,903 reached Tuesday, up 3.6% in 2020. German stocks recovered from the coronavirus crash in March, which set the DAX to a near seven-year low on March 16th. German stocks were the best performer among European stock indices for the year.

The French Blue Chip stock index the CAC 40 closed the last day of the year down 0.9% to 5,565 and down 7.1% for 2020. The CAC recovered from the panic selling in March to a 4-year low on the back of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. France's stocks were well off the record highs seen in Germany and the US in 2020 but performed better than the UK and Spain.

The Spanish Blue Chip IBEX 35 closed 1% lower at 8,074 on the final trading day of 2020, down 15.5% for the year and the weakest stock index in Europe for the year in its worst year since 2010. Spain's index bounced off the multi-year low of 5,815 on March 16th as coronavirus fears and lockdown measures hit a crescendo.

Japan's Blue Chip Nikkei 225 ended the year 16% higher at 27444.17 near 30 year highs. Japanese stocks were boosted by safe haven yen buying and massive BoJ ETF purchases and monetary policy fed optimism surrounding COVID-19 vaccines and unprecedented stimulus measures from global central banks boosting risk sentiment.

The Italian Blue Chip stock index the FTSE MIB fell 5.4% to 22,233 in 2020 bouncing back from lows in March after Italy was the first western country to implement a national lockdown, Italy's FTSE MIB index crashed to a nearly eight-year low of 14,153.  Concerns about the impact of current restrictive measures on Italy's fragile economy overhang sentiment.

Australian Blue Chip ASX 200 ended the last trading day of the year at 6587.1, down 1.5% for the year after record highs in February to 7-year lows in March on the coronavirus sell off given China being one of Australia's largest trading partners. The ASX recovered with Australia handling of the virus spread but was hampered by a Sino-Australia trade war since the virus.

China’s Shanghai Composite closed 3,473 gaining 14% in 2020, its highest level since February 2018. China, being the source of the Covid-19 pandemic and employing total lockdown was the first major country to reopen it's economy.

Video game retailer GameStop reported mixed third quarter earnings after the close Tuesday  $GME stock has been a hot stock in 2020 with investors like Scion's Michael Burry and Chewy's Ryan Cohen and is one of the most heavily shorted stocks on the market with approximately 90% of the shares in lending programs. $GME fell 20% on the report.

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