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Homebuilder Lennar revenue rose 12% in Q4 earnings from the steady housing recovery.$LEN is benefitting from favorable interest rates and increased consumer confidence. Net earnings fell with key transactions moved to the upcoming quarter after Republican Tax Reform.

Australian iconic surfwear brand Billabong International Ltd agreed to a buyout from majority shareholder and lender Oaktree Capital Management LP on Friday. The deal values the company at about A$197.7 million (US$155 million).

The Biotech Anapysbio $ANAB ewas the best performing stock in America in 2017. The Biotech was 1 of 8 Biotechs that made up the Top 10 in the year. The stock doubled following the announcement of its eczema drug tests.

Biotechs risk reward is high, getting a drug to trial and then passed can lead to huge success for investors. Of the top 10 stocks in the U.S. for 2017 8 are biotechs. Failure and there are many busts along the way. 

IPOs can be boom or bust, In 2017 we had $APRN (bust) and $ROKU (boom). There are some huge brands expected to be going public in 2018. The most anticipated brands include Airbnb, Dropbox, Pinterest, Lyft, Spotify and WeWork.

In bull markets there are some great success stories from IPOs when a company goes public. This year there were some standouts with wire cutting star ROKU the best performer, up a mammoth 269%. Here are the best IPOs in 2017.  $ROKU $URGN $CLXT $AKCA $APPN

IPOs can be a risky game, yes there are amazing success stories, few of them instant as the dotcom bubble will attrest to. Here are the worst of of 2017. $APRN $METC $QD $OVID $ZYME $JLL $OBSV

Escapism is in vogue. Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4, Microsoft XBox and PC games  are all bringing us powerful gaming systems. Which games will keep us playing in 2018? Here's my 5 Most Anticipated Video Games for 2018.

Nike $NKE reported better than expected second quarter earnings after the close Thursday.  However despite beating expectations with stronger international sales Nike still struggles in a saturated America.

Whats in a name? Beverage company Long Island Iced Tea $LTEA simply rebranded their name with Blockchain in the title to, Long Blockchain Corp.They have no actual blockchain deal just 'ideas' and the stock jumps 250% premarket. Market a little tipsy?

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