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Image: CEO Jen-Hsun

High-performance graphics chip pioneer NVidia reported better than expected fiscal Q3 earnings after the market close on Thursday. NVidia raised the dividend 7 percent to 15 cents a share and intends to return $1.25 billion to shareholders during the next fiscal year.

$NVDA has the pulse on hot technology product lines include, data centers, artificial intelligence, digital currencies, machine learning and self-driving cars. NVidia consistently trumps analysts’ expectations and comes just after Sony through Playstation and gaming stocks Take Two Interactive $TTWO and Activision Blizzard $ATVI delivered strong earnings. NVIDA chips, graphics processors are gaming industry standouts for personal computers and video game consoles.

Earnings: EPS $1.33 way ahead of analysts expected EPS of 94 cents on Revenue of $2.64 Billio beats expected 18% revenue growth to $2.36 billion..

Reaction: NVidia NASDAQ $NVDA $209.68 +4.36 +2.12%

$NVDA reported $501 million in datacenter revenue including sales of GPUs to cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, beating analyst estimates of $461 million up 20 percent i from last quarter.

"We had a great quarter across all of our growth drivers. Industries across the world are accelerating their adoption of AI." said CEO Jensen Huang in a statement

What excites investors is earnings driven by strength across all product lines including, high-performance processors for data centers, artificial intelligence, digital currencies, machine learning and self-driving cars. Indeed not just gaming but all the technology hotspots.

Last Month the Chipmaker showed again it was a leader in 'hot tech' with Nvidia $NVDA Artificial Intelligence Computer To Run Fully Autonomous Vehicle 

What is Drive PX Pegasus?

  • Combines four powerful processors in a device the size of a license plate
  • Can complete 320 trillion operations per second, 10 times the performance of Nvidia’s previous generation of self-driving car computer.
  • Expected to be available in the second half of next year,
  • Has already attracted commitments from leading autonomous car startups, including Zoox, NuTonomy, and Optimus Ride.

Nvidia Pegasus

NVidia's new Pascal GPUs are fully ramped and enjoy great success in gaming, VR, self-driving cars and datacenter AI computing. The com-any has also  invested years of work and billions of dollars to advance deep learning. The $NVDA GPU deep learning platform runs every AI framework, and is available in cloud services from Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Alibaba, and in servers from every OEM. 

NVidia Last Quarter Earnings: NVidia $NVDA Earnings Ahead, Machine Learning, AI, Gaming Graphics

Nvidia announced last year it intends to return $1.25 billion to shareholders in dividends and buybacks in fiscal 2018. 


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