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First the banks earnings now the leading tech companies Facebook $FB, Amazon $AMZN, Alphabet $GOOGL and Microsoft $MSFT report. Cloud computing and data privacy will determine analyst and investor ratings.

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Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: $GOOGL) Reports Monday

The Google parent reports Q1 earnings after the close Monday. Analysts consensus is $9.35 in earnings per share (EPS) and $30.36 billion in revenue.

Analysts will be watching Google's traffic acquisition cost which has been rising. After the Facebook scandal and $FB CEO hauled before congress  Alphabet management's response in the conference call on growing regulatory risk and data privacy issues will be closely analysed. The other factor will be Google and Amazon's battle with voice search and smart home appliances. How will this affect or benefit future advertising ?.

Shares closed Friday at $1,072.96 with a 52-week trading range of $840.60 to $1,186.89.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: $FB) Reports Wednesday

Social media data privacy and Facebook in particular has been a beacon of controversy with many hoping earnings will allow a change of focus. $FB will report after the close on Wednesday. Analysts consensus forecast is $1.36 in EPS on $11.41 billion in revenue. 

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg is hoping his 10 hours of congressional testimony a week or so ago will help avoid difficult questions, perhaps but doubtful. During the conference call, expect Zuckerberg to address questions about the impact of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, which led to the congressional hearings. The $FB release will come after social media competitor Twitter $TWTR reports before the open Wednesday. $TWTR is expected to an EPS of 12 cents on revenue of $609 million, the reaction will help guide Facebook traders.

Shares closed Friday at $166.28, in a 52-week range of $142.27 to $195.32. Inc. (NASDAQ: $AMZN) Reports Thursday

The e-commerce giant reports results after the close Thursday. Analysts consensus forecast is $1.19 in EPS and $50.16 billion in revenue.

The release comes after CEO Jeff Bezos on Wednesday revealed for the first time its global Prime membership total in a letter to shareholders. The amount is over 100 million members. Investors will want to hear Amazon's  e-commerce expansion into retail markets like apparel and grocery, in particular Wholefoods. The biggie is cloud behemoth Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing unit.

Shares closed Friday at $1,527.49  with a 52-week range is $896.77 to $1,617.54

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: $MSFT) Reports Thursday

The Software giant reports after the close on Thursday. Consensus analyst estimate $0.85 in EPS on revenue of $25.77 billion.

The software giant reports fiscal Q3 after the market close Thursday. Analysts expect EPS of 85 cents, up 16.4%, on sales of $25.71 billion, also up 16.4%, for the March quarter. Microsoft has been shifting its business from desktop PC software to cloud computing infrastructure and applications.Investors will look for updates on $MSFT Azure cloud computing program

Shares of Microsoft closed Friday at $95.00, in a 52-week range is $65.45 to $97.24.

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