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Australian Blue Chip ASX 200 ended the last trading day of the year at 6587.1, down 1.5% for the year after record highs in February to 7-year lows in March on the coronavirus sell off given China being one of Australia's largest trading partners. The ASX recovered with Australia handling of the virus spread but was hampered by a Sino-Australia trade war since the virus.

ASX 2020 

Australian stocks recovered to near record highs after the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and China trade uncertainty.

The ASX 200 recovered almost all of the COVID sell of by year end as massive fiscal stimulus measures from the RBA and global central banks coupled strong lockdown responses saw optimism return. 

How Global Indices fared in 2020

The Australian dollar rallied in line with stocks after an iniital fall in March to close the year strongly having rallied against the US dollar as massive US QE weakened the dollar. The stronger Aussie helped cover losses for overseas investors in the Australian stock market.

AUD W 12 31 2020 

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