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Boeing stock largely has dodged a bullet many argue with it's Boeing 737 Max fallout. The rationale is there is basically just Boeing and Airbus making bulk planes, Meanwile the FAA testifies on it's review of the $BA jets and it's status

Boeing 737 Max Crash

Rescuers Comb the Wreckage of a Boeing 737 Max Crash, Will the Market?

The head of the Federal Aviation Administration will testify December 11 in front of a U.S. House panel regarding the status of the agency review of the grounded Boeing 737 MAX.

FAA Administrator Stephen Dickson a few weeks ago said that the FAA will handle the review of the ~300 Max jets built since the grounding.

Despite the seriousness of the incidents, the deaths and lawsuits Boeing still has not completed a software audit and schedule a key certification test flight before the plane can be ungrounded by the FAA.

Source: Reuters

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