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Amazon Prime Day is not even a day old and we get the latest in the Amazon (AMZN) expansion octopus. The latest target appears to be Zillow (Z). Amazon looks like it is nearing the debut of a real estate referral service. A new placeholder page suggests $AMZN will add agents to its professional services marketplace. Which CEO Jeff Bezos would say says "such a good value, you'd be irresponsible not to be a member."

Zillow Group Rg-C NASDAQ: Z - Jul 12, 11:57 AM EDT 44.82 -1.33 (-2.88%), Inc NASDAQ: AMZN - Jul 12, 12:02 PM EDT 1,003.80 +9.67 (+0.97%)

Image: Zillow Agent Desktop

It should be noted that Facebook ($FB) and Google ($GOOGL) are already in the space. The Amazon placeholder webpage indexed in Amazon's Home and Business Services section offers users the option to "Hire a Realtor." Agents would pay referral fees to Amazon in exchange for new business.

Zillow declined to comment on Amazon’s rumored realtor service.

Amazon’s interest in adding real estate professionals is part of a broader push into the service provider space.  Recode said this week Amazon is hiring gadget experts to help install smart home devices for customers. If Amazon moves into realtor referrals, Zillow and Redfin will be the main competitors. Connecting buyers with agents is a crucial revenue source for both companies.

Prime Day Amazon reports was their best ever sounds another warning shot to traditional retail, more success in relentless AMZN march to take down modern civilization as we know  it into it's bowels of indoctrination. Or are they simply giving us the best price possible in a free market?

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