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The Nasdaq bias of biotechs and technology stocks where risk reward is high is great when they go up but with failure there are many busts along the way. The Nasdaq-100 ended down 3.9% for the year after being at record highs.

Nasdaq Bear Market

Nasdaq-100, the Nasdaq Composite Index COMP was down 3.9% for the year.

Narrowing things down, here are the worst performers of 2018 among the Nasdaq-100 NDX with Western Digital down 53.5%, and a whopping 65.4% off it's 52 week high

10 Worse Nasdaq 1oo Stocks 2018

 A number of big chips on the list including AMAT and NXPI, China related stocks were not a surprise. Moving on are these stocks opportunities or to be avoided going forward?

 Live From The Pit

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