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The Nasdaq fell off the cliff as 2018 came to a close with the Nasdaq-100 ending down 3.9% for the year after being at record highs. The top stock was AMD Micro, up a massive 79% off still the 52 week high by 45%. 

Nasdaq Bear Market

Nasdaq-100, the Nasdaq Composite Index COMP was down 3.9% for the year, here are the stocks that performed the best in 2018.

Narrowing things down, here are the best performers of 2018 among the Nasdaq-100 NDX note  how far the stocks are off their 52 week high

 10 Best Nasdaq 1oo Stocks 2018

 A real mixture on the list from chips to athletic wear and auto parts, are these stocks opportunities or to be avoided going forward?

 Live From The Pit

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