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The EIA Inventory report showed a suprise build in crude stockpiles and in Gasoline last week. Behind the storage noise is a shifting geopolitical risk matrix adding to uncertainty with Iran, Syria, Russia and Chinese trade tensions which is unsettling financial markets..

Cushing Storage Tanks

Crude Oil Tanks at Cushing OK, Basis For the WTI Futures Contract.

DOE Weekly Petroleum Status Report: 4/4/18

  • via TradersCommunity.com
  • Release Time: Wedneday 11 April 2018 - 10:30 ET 
  Actual Expected Prior EIA API
Crude +3306k -200k -4617k +1758k
Cushing +1129k +1546k +3666k +1452k


-1400k -1116k +2005k
Distillate =1044k


+537k -3849

Note in bbls *exp = Reuters poll est except Cushing  

  • Refinery Utilization  +0.5% Prior -0.7% v Exp -0.2% 
  • Production  +65k to 10.525 mbd ( ATH) +14.4% y/y

Summary of Weekly Petroleum Data for the Week (Live Link)

US Petroleum Inventories Getting Tight? via Barclays Research

US Total Petrol Inventories March 2018Cushing March 2018

Criterion U.S. Crude Oil Production Forecast ‏@Criterionrsch

EIA Inventory Forecast via @tankertrackers.com

Here is a great shot of Cushing crude oil storage when it was down 45% year-on-year with the red tanks highlighting the empties


The Fundamental Angle with Brynne Kelly ‏@BrynneKKelly



DigStic Data @DigStic


RonH Data ‏@Ronh999

US Oil Exports Pull Back Off New All Time High 

US Oil Imports Week Over Week 

US Oil Input Into Refineries Per Day

US consumers spent $1.049 billion per day for gasoline last week. That is $104.9 million more dollars per day than same week last year.

US consumers bought 389.47 million gallons of gasoline per day last week


US Oil Field Production 

US Oil Refinery Utilization


NB: Check out Ron's great work at Ron H Public Tableau Link

WTI Oil Futures (CL) via‏ @Lee_Saks

Ahead of API Feb WTI crude oil futures settled at U.S. crude at $65.51/bbl. $2.09. +3.30%.

API via Marketwatch

 ** Note with the unreliability of the API numbers highlighted by its constant debacles we offer you the bare bones of that report.


Further Crude Oil Analysis Criterion Research

From TradersCommunity Research

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