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Environmental and Byproduct services provider Charah Solutions was awarded a marketing contract by Dominion Energy $D for the beneficiation and utilization of up to 8.1 million tons of reclaimed ponded coal ash. $CHRA opened up over 20% on the announcement.

Charah Coal Ash Recycle

  • Charah is a leading provider of mission-critical environmental services and byproduct sales to the power generation industry.
  • Pond Ash from Chesterfield Power Station in Virginia Will Be Recycled and Sold for Beneficial Use in Portland Cement

Charah Soltions Press Release:

Legislation passed during the 2019 Virginia General Assembly requires Dominion Energy to remove approximately 15 million cubic yards of coal ash currently stored in two coal ash ponds at Chesterfield Power Station within 15 years. The coal ash must be recycled or placed in a lined landfill that meets federal coal combustion residuals (CCR) and Virginia CCR regulations. To meet the standards mandated in Virginia Senate Bill 1355, Dominion Energy has contracted with Charah Solutions for the coal ash utilization efforts effective 2021 through 2032. Dominion Energy will store the remaining coal ash in an adjacent lined landfill.

As part of the agreement, Charah Solutions will install processing and transportation infrastructure in 2021 to facilitate rail transportation of the ash from Chesterfield Power Station to cement kiln feed markets. The beneficiated ash product will replace other currently utilized virgin raw materials in the production of Portland cement at multiple cement kiln locations in the eastern U.S. for the next 10+ years and help supply the growing demand for concrete in the construction industry. In addition, every ton of coal ash used to replace traditional virgin raw materials in the production of cement reduces carbon dioxide emissions entering the atmosphere.

As a sustainability leader in utility services for over 30 years, Charah Solutions is dedicated to preserving our natural resources in an environmentally-conscious manner through ash marketing projects. Sustainability is a Charah Solutions core value and our business is focused on developing innovative solutions to complex environmental issues for the betterment of the planet, the communities in which we operate and our customers.

The beneficiated ash will be distributed through Charah Solutions’ MultiSource® materials network, a unique distribution system of more than 40 nationwide locations which provides a continuous and reliable supply of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) for cement and concrete producers as well as other customers who beneficially reuse the products.

“Charah Solutions is nationally recognized in the power generation industry as a total solutions company, providing unparalleled service and innovation to meet the evolving and increasingly complex needs of our utility partners,” said Scott Sewell, Charah Solutions President and CEO.

“Many utilities, like Dominion Energy, are experiencing an increased need to retire and decommission older generating assets while improving the environment. We have been proud to partner with Dominion Energy on their sustainability efforts for many years and are delighted to extend our relationship at this site for the next 12 years.”

“Charah Solutions is a national leader in environmental and maintenance services and we look forward to partnering with them for the removal and beneficial reuse of coal ash at Chesterfield Power Station in a manner that is protective of the community and human health,” said Brandon Stites, Dominion Energy vice president of project construction.

About Charah Solutions, Inc.

With 30 years of experience, Charah® Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of environmental services and byproduct sales to the power generation industry. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Charah Solutions assists utilities with all aspects of managing and recycling ash byproducts generated from the combustion of coal in the production of electricity. The Company also designs and implements solutions for ash pond management and closure, landfill construction, fly ash sales, and structural fill projects. Charah Solutions is the partner of choice for solving customers’ most complex environmental challenges, and as an industry leader in quality, safety, and compliance, the Company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions for a cleaner energy future. 

Source: Charah Soutions

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