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EIA's Weekly Gas Storage Report Report Date: 9/21/17
Release Time: Thursday September 28 2017 10:30 ET

Natural gas futures continue to flip flop over 3.00 with the upside risk Cheniere Train 4 and warm weather. LNG feedgas demand and exports to Mexico continue near all-time highs. Forecasts look normal for next week but nothing constructive. Bets will start being placed on 4T storage at year end at this pace.

Market Expectations

Actual +58 Bcf Prior  +97 Bcf
Consensus Forecast  +65 Bcf
Cons. Range: +56 to +73 Bcf
EIA swap: +62 to +63 @ CT 15.13

Last Week's Report +97 Bcf #TCNG

 EIA Storage Report

Weather lower 48 states 9 20

NG Mexican Exports 9 20 17

NG Canadian Flows 9 20 17

Source: Criterion Research


  • Bentek S/D Model: +64  Bcf
  • Bentek Flow Model: +65  Bcf

Analysts Build Forecasts

  • Criterion Research: +74 Bcf
  • Peter Marrin SNL +61 Bcf
  • Gabe Harris +59 Bcf

The Fundamental Edge with Brynne Kelly @BrynneKKelly

Natural Gas Storage Futures weekly EIA storage futures 9/27 (EIA Swap) 

 Current Storage Level vs. Last Year & 5-Yr

  • Current Storage Level: 3,408 Bcf
  • Storage 2016/Same Week: 
  • 5Yr Avg/Same Week: 

Further Energy Analysis http://www.oottnews.com/index.html

Sources: TradersCommunity Research, Criterion Research

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